User Guide

About New Member Registration

ARTIDA OUD offers a variety of service benefits when you register for membership.

・Convenient systems are available on My Page, such as ordering history and adding a list of items favorites.
・A newsletter will provide you with updates on new products, campaigns, and more.
・Benefits such as point discounts and coupons are available.

Please register your membership from the "New Member Registration Screen" here. ※Password is very important to customers. Please try to set up what's hard to guess from others.

※The newsletter is only applicable to customers who wish to receive it.

※Depending on the settings of your e-mail service and mobile phone, e-mails sent from customer support to customers may be blocked or quarantined in the junk e-mail folder. Thank you for your help, but please check your reception settings.

If you forgot your ID and password

Please enter your registered email address here and click "Send" button.
A new password will be sent to your email address.

About withdrawal procedure

If you wish to withdraw from membership, please perform withdrawal procedure on the "Withdrawal procedure screen" here.

Regarding size

ARTIDA OUD products follow a particular [Size Guide] based on ARTIDA OUD measurements. The description of sizes can be found under [Item Size] on the product page.
Ring sizes follow the Japanese national JCS(Japan Custom Size) standard.

Precautions regarding the Size Guide

  • Products are measured by mm. (Necklaces, bracelets, ankle bracelets etc, include a partial cm measurement)
  • Please take note in advance that some products may error ever so slightly.
  • Depending on the shape of the product or item, it may be necessary to measure certain parts of the item which are not mentioned in the Size Guide.
■ Ring
■ Pierce
■ Charm
■ Pierced earring
■ Ear Cuff
■ Bangle
■ Necklace
■ Bracelet / anklet
Regading ring size

Ring sizes displayed are measurements of the internal circumference. Common size measurements will be displayed by (number). ARTIDA OUD ring sizes are based on the Japanese regulated JCS(Japan Custom Size) standard.

Size Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4 Size 5 Size 6
Diameter 13.0mm 13.4mm 13.7mm 14.0mm 14.4mm 14.7mm
Finger circumference (outer circumference) 40.8mm 41.9mm 42.9mm 44.0mm 45.0mm 46.1mm
Size Size 7 Size 8 Size 9 Size 10 Size 11 Size 12
Diameter 15.0mm 15.4mm 15.7mm 16.0mm 16.4mm 16.7mm
Finger circumference (outer circumference) 47.1mm 48.2mm 49.2mm 50.3mm 51.3mm 52.4mm
Size Size 13 Size 14 Size 15 Size 16 Size 17 Size 18
Diameter 17.0mm 17.4mm 17.7mm 18.0mm 18.4mm 18.7mm
Finger circumference (outer circumference) 53.4mm 54.5mm 55.5mm 56.6mm 57.6mm 58.6mm
Size Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
Diameter 13.0mm 13.4mm 13.7mm
Finger circumference (outer circumference) 40.8mm 41.9mm 42.9mm
Size Size 4 Size 5 Size 6
Diameter 14.0mm 14.4mm 14.7mm
Finger circumference (outer circumference) 44.0mm 45.0mm 46.1mm
Size Size 7 Size 8 Size 9
Diameter 15.0mm 15.4mm 15.7mm
Finger circumference (outer circumference) 47.1mm 48.2mm 49.2mm
Size Size 10 Size 11 Size 12
Diameter 16.0mm 16.4mm 16.7mm
Finger circumference (outer circumference) 50.3mm 51.3mm 52.4mm
Size Size 13 Size 14 Size 15
Diameter 17.0mm 17.4mm 17.7mm
Finger circumference (outer circumference) 53.4mm 54.5mm 55.5mm
Size Size 16 Size 17 Size 18
Diameter 18.0mm 18.4mm 18.7mm
Finger circumference (outer circumference) 56.6mm 57.6mm 58.6mm
About reserved products

Products listed on the product page as [PRE ORDER] are reserved products.

The reserved product has a delivery date for product delivery and will take some time to be delivered, so please check the delivery date on the product page before ordering.

※ Due to production reasons, product delivery may be delayed.

Please note that the product image is a sample, so it may differ slightly in specifications, processing, size, etc., from the actual product.

※ Reserved products cannot be canceled, returned or resized.

About size order product

The ring described as [※ this ring can be ordered according to size.] on the product page is product that can be ordered due to size.

Please be sure to read this "Size Guide" and order product that suit you size.

※ It will take about two weeks longer than usual to deliver product.
※ Due to production reasons, product delivery may be delayed.
※ Ordered product cannot be canceled, returned or resized.

How to order reserved and size order product

Reserved product and size order product can be ordered in the same manner as regular product, but there are cautionary points.
1. Please note that you cannot change the payment method.
2. Multiple products of reserved product, size order product cannot be put in the cart at the same time. I am sorry, but please place an order for each product.
3. Product will be delivered to the registered address when you confirm your order. If you change the address of your registration information after your order, it will not be reflected in your order information.

About delivery of reserved product, size order product

As soon as we are ready to deliver product, you will receive a "Delivery Complete" e-mail for your reserved and size order product.
Please check the product description for the delivery date of the product.

How to order

Please select the size, color, and quantity on the product page and add it to the cart.

Please check if there are any mistakes in your selection, such as product name, size, color, quantity, and amount before performing order procedure.

※Any order that exceeds a certain amount of the order specified by this site may be declined.

※If the quantity of ordered products is small and a lot of are coming in for this product, there may be a time lag in the system process and shortages may occur.

About cancelation and change of order

Members can check delivery status and details, order cancellation, and perform change procedures from My Page "Order History".

“If the status is "Ready for delivery"
You can cancel your order only for regular product.
Please click the "Cancel Order" button at the bottom right of the Order History Details page.Reserved product and size order product are not eligible for cancellation.

When you make changes, please click the "Change Order details" button at the bottom right of the Order History Details page to perform the change procedure.
The following items can be changed:

Normal product
・Name, address and telephone number of delivery destination
Reserved product and size order product
・Name, address and telephone number of delivery destination

If the status is "Delivering" or "Delivered"
You cannot cancel or change orders at this time for orders that have already been delivering or delivered.
Please contact us for a return from "Contact Us" after receiving product.

※ We may not be able to accept cancellation, changes, or returns of your order due to the order details, product status.
※ Defective products will only be exchanged for the same product if stock is available.
If there is no stock available for exchange, we will respond by refund.
Please check here for more information.
※Anyone who purchases product without membership is asked to request cancellation from "Contact Us".
※Reserved product and size order products are not eligible for cancellation.
※You cannot change or replace a product that order has been cancelled to another product.

About points

If you go shopping in ARTIDA OUD, you can earn ARTIDA OUD points.
1% of the product price (excluding tax) will be returned with points, and you can use it for subsequent shopping as "1 point = 1 yen".
We also offer points with the following benefits.
・1,000 points can be instantly used for new membership
・For first-time buyers, 500 points can be used for the next purchase regardless of purchase price
・If you choose "Eco packaging" when shopping, you will get 100 points.

The points after the order and 500 points awarded to the first-time buyer will be added approximately 14 days after the customer places the order.

※ Points will not be added when your order is completed.

Example: If you purchased a 20,000 yen (excluding tax) ring on April 1,
⇒200 points will be added on April 15. (cut off after the decimal point)

The added points will be available for subsequent shopping as 200 yen.

※ You cannot convert points to cash.

※Points are a benefit only if you are registered as a member.

About point expiration date

The expiration date is one year from the last day from the member registration date, last purchase date, and last point present date.
When it has expired, points will be invalid and unavailable.
Purchase product on April 1, 2018
⇒Expiration date: until March 31, 2019

Earn points with the campaign on October 1, 2018
⇒Expiration date: extended until September 31, 2019

When you purchase new product or earn points through campaigns, the expiration date of all points you have will be extended for another year.

※Please note that you cannot return points that has expired.

About coupon

ARTIDA OUD offers economical coupons to get a range of discounts and other services when you go shopping.
When ordering, you can apply a coupon by entering a coupon code on the cart screen, and then apply a coupon-based service, such as a discount, to order.

In addition, only members are allowed to use the coupon.

How to use coupon

1.Please log in.
2.Please add the desired product to the cart.
3.Please enter the target coupon code in the coupon code input field on the cart screen.
4.Click the "Apply" button to apply the service according to the coupon and display the service contents.
※Please be sure to click the "Apply" button.
5.Please proceed to the order procedure from the “Go to Accounting" button.

※The expiration date, number of uses and service content vary depending on the coupon. The details are described in the e-mail text of each coupon issuer.
※Depending on the discount coupon, target products may be limited or may not be eligible.
※It cannot be used with other coupons and some campaigns at the same time.
※When you use a coupon, coupon will be applied after enter the coupon code and click the "Apply" button.
※Please note that coupon cannot be applied after the order is confirmed (completed).
※The coupon is only available to the person himself / herself.
※Transfer or resale of coupons to third parties is prohibited.
※Coupons cannot be changed to cash.

About Payment

You can pay by credit card or Paypal.
- Credit card
You can choose from 1 installment payment, several installment payment or ribo payment (depends on your credit card).
We accept all major cards.
VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB

Depending on the country or area, custom duties might be applied separately from the product price.
(import tax, value-added tax, customs fees, etc.)
In such case, the payment for these duties will be customer's responsibility.
One time maximum order amount is JPY145,000 (tax included).

About delivery destination

It is possible to deliver product to the address input or registered when ordering

About Shipping days

Shipping days vary depending on the country to which products are delivered.

About Delivery Fee

Delivery fee vary depending on the country to which products are delivered and the product weight.
Please note that ARTIDA OUD is not responsible for customs duties or taxes incurred from importing goods - these are payable by recipient upon delivery.

Country (~1.5Kg)
Delivery charges shall be as follows:
Hong Kong
AP2 – Rest of AP
5,000 yen
Rest of EU
6,000 yen
About Gift Wrapping

Three original gift packages are available. In addition, the fee will be 660 yen (tax included) uniformly.

Notes on gift wrapping

1. The size of your gift package will be specified on this site by the quantity, shape, and content of your order.
2. We send the product in the package, not with the gift package.
Only gift packages cannot be delivered.
3. With regard to orders for more than 50,000 yen (excluding tax) except for some excluded products, product will be delivered in gift package even if you do not choose gift wrapping. (Free).
4. If you don't want to include the product price on the delivery slip, please select "Do not enter the price" in the items in "delivery slip" on the cart screen. (If the member chooses "Send to another address" from the registered address, "Do not list the price" will be selected automatically).
5. The number of orders we can receive is limited. If the maximum number of responses is reached, the reception may be suspended temporarily.
6. Products marked"*Not eligible for gift wrapping" on the product page are not available.

How to apply for gift wrapping

1)Please make sure that the product page you purchased does not state “* Not eligible for gift wrapping” and add it to your cart.
2)Please select "Want" in the items in "Wrapping" on the cart screen.
※ Even if you order multiple products at the same time, we will put them together in one gift package.
3)If there is no problem with the content, please press "Purchase with this content" and complete the order.

About Gift Package

Upholstered jewelry case + paper box + original message card (message printable) + shopper (handbag)

■The size of the jewelry case

Width x Depth x Height ※Unit: cm

  • S: 8.2×8.2×5.2
  • M: 13.9×10.7×4.5
■Original message card

If you choose gift wrapping, your message will be printed on an original message card and included in the package.

If you did not enter the specified materials

Depending on the quantity and size of your order, it may not be possible to add them to the gift package.

In that case, ARTIDA OUD Customer Support will contact you prior to delivery and the gift package will be refunded.

About Message Card

For customers who want gift wrapping, we have a service that prints your favorite message on the original message card and bundles it with the product.

If you choose "I want" in the "wrapping" item on the cart screen, you can enter a message, so please enter the address, message, and sender name.
※Products marked"※ Not eligible for gift wrapping" are not eligible for message card service.

About Return

You can not return, replace or cancel your order due to your reasons.

However, if there is a defect in this product, we will accept returns or exchanges within 10 days after arrival of this product as long as you contact us from "Inquiry".

If the product has already been used, there is no packaging or accessories, or if our company determines that the return or exchange is not appropriate, we cannot accept the return or exchange.

Customer is responsible for the delivery fee for the return of the product purchased on this site. However, if the returned product is attributable to the Company, the Company will refund the delivery fee.

About SSL Communication

The site uses "SSL" encryption as a protection and security measures for personal information so that it can be safely used by customers.

System requirements

- Firefox , latest version
- Chrome, latest version
- Safari , latest version
- Apple iPhone OS , latest version
- Android OS , latest version
- Apple ipad OS , latest version
- Tablet Android OS , latest version