Terms of Service and Membership Agreement

SAZABY LEAGUE.Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "The Company") defines Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as "The Agreement") of the service (hereinafter referred to as "The Service") provided through the website "ARTIDA OUD” (hereinafter referred to as "The Website")operated and managed by the Company as follows.

Article 1 Scope and change of the Agreement
  1. This Agreement shall apply to all users (as defined in Article 3) with respect to the use of the Service.
  2. The Company shall, without obtaining the prior consent of the user, announce or notify the user in any manner that the Company deems appropriate, such as posting on the website or e-mail, as appropriate, So that all or part of the Terms of Service can be changed.
  3. If, pursuant to the preceding paragraph, the Company has changed all or part of the Terms of Service, the revised Terms of Service shall be applied to the use of the Service.
Article 2 Use of the Service
  1. The user agrees in advance to the laws, ordinances, regulations, notification and the Agreement, the User's Guide, and the "Privacy Policy" provided separately by the Company.
  2. Minor users cannot use the Service without the prior consent of a qualified statutory agent.
Article 3 Users
In the Agreement, "User" means person collectively who search, browse or use contents (hereinafter referred to as “The content”) such as image, text, design, logo, video, program, idea or information provided by the Company provides after understanding and accepting all of the contents of the Agreement, People who search, browse, or use content such as information (collectively referred to as "content").
Article 4 Suspension of use of the Service
If the user falls under any of the following items, the Company can suspend the use of the Service for the user and take other measures that we consider appropriate without giving advance notice

  • (1) If it is found that the contents of the "receiver’s address information input" (hereinafter referred to as "Delivery destination") in the shopping cart of the Service contain false information
  • (2) It has been found that there was a delay in the performance of obligation to pay fees, and the inability to receive products over a long period of time, the refusal of returns or exchanges, or other default of obligation with regard to any service provided by the Company in the past.
  • (3) When it was found that the act referred to in Article 11 (Prohibited Matters) was performed in the past
  • (4) Any other violation of the provisions of the Terms of Service of the Company (including, but not limited to the Agreement)
Article 5 Use of Personal Information
With regard to the personal information of the users we have learned in connection with the use of the Service, we shall handle them separately in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" set forth by the Company.
Article 6 Purchase of products, etc
  1. Users can use the Service to purchase products from the Company.
  2. If a user desires to purchase a product, etc., the user shall apply for the purchase of the product, etc., in accordance with the method specified separately by the Company.
  3. When the processing for accepting the application set forth in the preceding paragraph is completed in the Company and an e-mail is sent to the user informing him that the Products, etc., have been sent from the Company, A sales contract will be concluded between the user and the Company with regard to the relevant Products, etc.
  4. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if there is any misconduct or inappropriate conduct in connection with the use of the Service, the Company can rescind, cancel or take other appropriate measures with respect to the sales contract.
  5. The delivery of Products, etc., by this Service is only in Japan.
Article 7 Payment Method
  1. The payment amount for products, etc., shall be the total amount of the price of products, delivery fee, COD fee, handling fee pertaining thereto including consumption tax, and consumption tax related to these fees.
  2. The payment of products purchased by the Service shall be limited to the payment by a credit card in the name of the user himself, or payment method approved by the Company separately.
  3. If users pay fee by credit card, users will be subject to the Terms of Service that users contract with Credit Card Company separately. If there is any dispute between the user and the Credit Card Company, etc., in connection with the use of credit cards, they will be responsible for resolving the dispute between users and the credit card company.
Article 8 Return and exchange of products, etc
  1. The return of products will be accepted only in the following cases:
    When a user purchases products, etc. after selecting the optional gift wrapping service, the payment for such service shall not be refunded even if the user returns the products in accordance with the provisions of (4) below.
    • (1) If there are defects in the products, etc
    • (2) When products that are different from the order details arrive
    • (3) In the case of products that have been damaged during delivery
    • (4) If it doesn’t fall under any of the above from 1) to 3), and it doesn’t fall under any of the following situations within 10 days after the arrival of the product. However products that have "Not eligible for return" on the sales page cannot be returned.
      • ①Products that have passed 11 days or more after arrival
      • ②Used or cleaned Products
      • ③Products that have been resized or stamped
      • ④If delivery note or merchandise tag is damaged, soiled or lost
      • ⑤If the status of the Products at the time of return (including, but not limited to, the box and the accessories of the products) was damaged, soiled, lost, etc., compared to the time of delivery
      • ⑥Products that opened the package (products in which the package is part of products)
      • ⑦Products with "Ineligible for order cancellation and return" on the sales page, including earrings, customized products and reserved products
      • ⑧If the return application is not made by the user himself/herself
      • ⑨Products ordered in the order
  2. The user shall apply for the return specified in the preceding paragraph in accordance with the procedures specified separately by the Company, and for the preceding paragraphs (1) to (3) of the preceding paragraph, the Company shall bear the costs of returning the product and the user return the selling price, delivery fee, COD fee and online store points or exchange them for substitutes when purchasing products. In some cases, it may not be possible to exchange products due to the lack of the products, even if you wish to exchange them for substitute Products. In addition, regarding the preceding paragraph (4), the cost of return and the transfer fee for refund shall be borne by the user, and the Company shall return at the selling price at the time of purchase by the user. The return of delivery fee and COD fee shall not be returned.
  3. For the period after the delivery of the Products to the arrival of the Products, except for the cases where there are grounds to be attributed to the Company, The withdrawal or cancellation of the order of Products cannot be accepted (the return after the arrival of Products shall be as prescribed in paragraph (1) of this Article).
Article 9 Disclaimer regarding products, etc.
  1. Any quality, material, function, performance, compatibility with other Products, or other defects with respect to Products, etc. sold through this Service or through this Service, and any damage arising from them, Loss, disadvantage, etc., shall not be subject to any guarantee or burden, except as provided for in the preceding Article.
  2. About troubles caused by an unknown delivery destination, etc., the Company shall contact the contact address registered by the user, and shall deliver the Products, etc., to the designated delivery destination at the time of purchasing the Products, etc., the Company fulfills delivery obligations for products and shall be exempt from such obligation.
Article 10 Disclaimers
  1. If the Service provides a link to another Website or resource, or to the Service from a third party's Website or resource, the Company, the content, use and results of the link (including, but not limited to, legality, effectiveness, accuracy, certainty, safety, currency and completeness), doesn't take any responsibility. In addition, if the Company reasonably finds that the contents of the website or resources to which it is linked are illegal or inappropriate for the management and operation of the Service, the link destination can be deleted without requiring any notification to the user.
  2. When there are advertisements (including, but not limited to, reward advertisement) or deals with advertisers that advertise (including, but not limited to, participation in promotions for rewards, etc.) in the Service, the user shall, upon his own judgment and responsibility, conduct business with the advertiser, and the Company shall not be responsible for this. The contents and terms of the transaction, such as the payment of the price of Products, etc., the determination of contract conditions, the guarantee, the liability of security, and the presence or absence of a license, are not guaranteed by the Company. No liability shall be given to the Company for any damages of the user arising from any transactions carried out via advertising in the Service.
  3. The Company shall, even if the Service has been temporarily suspended, stopped, or changed in any of the following cases, in respect of any damage, loss, disadvantage, etc., directly or indirectly suffered by the user, not take any responsibility.
    • (1) In the event of natural disasters including fires, earthquakes, floods, lightning, heavy snow
    • (2) When social unrest occurs, such as war, civil war, terrorism, riots and mayhem
    • (3) If we failed to receive the appropriate service from the contracted telecommunication company, carrier or provider
    • (4) If reasons arise for which the Company cannot technically respond
  4. The Company shall be exempted from the Company's obligations by processing the affairs in accordance with registered contents of the user.
  5. If a user has caused any damage to another user or a third party by using this Service, the user shall resolve it at the responsibility and expense thereof, and will not inflict any damage, loss, or disadvantage on the Company.
Article 11 Prohibited Matters
The user shall not carry out any of the following acts. If damage is caused to the Company or a third party in violation of this, the user shall be liable for all the damage.

  • (1) Acts that cause, inconvenience, disadvantage or damage to other users, third parties other than other users, or the Company, or acts that may cause them
  • (2) Acts that violate or are likely to violate intellectual property rights such as copyrights, portrait rights, moral rights, privacy rights, publicity rights, or other rights, or any other rights of other users, third parties other than other users
  • (3) The act using the Service for commercial purposes (except for acts previously that are approved by the Company in advance).
  • (4) The act of registering information containing false or misleading content
  • (5) The act of the user using content obtained through the service outside the scope of private use
  • (6) Reproduction, sale, publishing, distribution, release and similar acts of content obtained through the Service through other users or third parties other than other users
  • (7) The act of collecting, accumulating or storing other users' personal information
  • (8) The act of uploading contents, such as computer viruses, computer code, and files designed to disrupt, destroy, and limit the functionality of computer software, hardware, and communications equipment to the service or sending them by e-mail
  • (9) Other acts that are reasonably determined by the Company, such as damaging or destroying the Company's reputation
Article 12 Intellectual Property Rights
  1. All intellectual property rights of the content provided through the Service shall belong exclusively to the Company.
  2. Regardless of the purpose, if any act prohibited by domestic and foreign copyright laws and other laws and regulations such as unauthorized reproduction, unauthorized copying or other unauthorized secondary use of our content is found, The Company shall take immediate legal action.
  3. In the event of any dispute with a third party in violation of the provisions of this Article, the user shall, at his responsibility and expense, resolve such dispute and shall not give any damage, loss and disadvantage to the Company.
Article 13 Information Management
  1. The Company collects the following information on the user's access history to investigate the user's access history and usage, or to improve the Service to the user:
    • (1) Information about the IP address or the machine identification number of the mobile terminal when the user accesses the server of the service
    • (2) Access information of the user obtained by the Company through Cookie technology (the technology that temporarily writes date and time and records and saves frequency of visit of the website when the user last visited the website to the user's computer through a web browser)
  2. The user shall acknowledge in advance that the use of the Service may be limited if the user makes a setting to reject cookies in the web browser.
Article 14 Maintenance of the Service
In order to keep the Service in good condition, the Company shall not notify the user in advance if it falls under any of the following items. All or part of the provision of the Service may be suspended or stopped temporarily.

  • (1) For periodic maintenance and emergency maintenance of a computer system for providing the service (hereinafter referred to as "The System")
  • (2) When operation of the Systems has become difficult due to natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes, floods, lightning and heavy snow
  • (3) When operation of the Systems has become difficult due to social unrest such as war, civil war, terrorism, riots and disturbance
  • (4) When operation of the Systems has become difficult due to system failure, unauthorized access from third parties, infection of computer viruses, etc.
  • (5) If requested by an administrative or judicial body on reasonable grounds
  • (6) In other cases where the Company has decided that it is necessary to stop or suspend the System
Article 15 Governing law and jurisdiction
  1. The use of the Service and the interpretation and application of the Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
  2. In the event that there is a problem with the use of the Service that cannot be resolved by the Agreement or by our guidance or response, we and the user will discuss it in good faith and resolve it.
  3. The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive primary jurisdiction with respect to all necessary lawsuits for the use of the Service.
Article 16 Scope of the Agreement on Overseas Delivery
Except for the provisions of the following items, the agreement applies to all use of overseas delivery by users (hereinafter referred to as “Overseas Delivery User”).
(1) Overseas Delivery User shall replace and apply Clause 1, Article 7 (Payment Method) of the Agreement with the revised content as follows.

Article 7 Payment Method
  1. The payment amount of the product etc. is the total amount of the product price and delivery fee including the consumption tax.
  2. Overseas Delivery User shall replace and apply Article 8 (Return / Exchange of Products, etc.) of the Agreement with the revised content as follows.
(2) The user cannot return, replace or cancel order depends on user’s convenience.

However, if the product is defective, we will accept returns or exchanges within 10 days of arrival of this product as long as user contacts us from "Inquiry".

If it has already been used, there is no packaging or accessories, or if the Company determines that the return or replacement is not appropriate, we cannot accept the return or exchange.
(3) User is responsible for the delivery fee of return for products purchased on this website. However, if the returned Products are attributable to our company, we will refund the delivery fee.
Article 17 Customer Support
Customer Support is as follows:
Arital OUD Customer Support

Reception time: 10: 00 to 17: 00 Japan time (excluding weekends, holidays, New Year holidays, and large holidays)
TEL: 03-5413-6702 (available language: Japanese only)

Contact us from here
※Please use the inquiry form above for overseas inquiries.
Supplementary provision
Enactment on April 3, 2018
Revised on January 29, 2020
Revised on December 27, 2022
Membership Agreement

Chapter 1 Membership Agreement

Article 1 (Member)
The term "Member" in Membership Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "The Agreement") means a person who applies for membership registration in accordance with the prescribed procedures of the Company after accepting and approving all the contents of the Agreement and is approved by the Company. In the case of registration, user should agree to the "Privacy Policy" set forth separately by the Company in advance.
Article 2 (Notification of Membership Agreement)
Membership Agreement shall be published on ARTIDA OUD (artidaoud.com) ARTIDA OUD and shall be notified to members in any other manner determined by the Company.
Article 3 (Change of Membership Agreement)
The Company may change the service contents and operation method in accordance with Membership Agreement at any time without the consent of its members. The revised Membership Agreement shall be published in ARTIDA OUD and member will be notified in a manner specified by the Company.

Chapter 2 Membership Registration

Article 4 (Admission procedure)
  1. The applicant for membership registration, from the Membership Registration page of the Service, according to the method specified separately by the Company, set or input the gender, birthday, postal code, email address, password, Products or services (hereinafter referred to as "Products, etc.") purchased through the Company, and address, name and telephone number, then apply for membership registration.
  2. In the case of membership registration from a personal computer, tablet terminal and smartphone for an application under paragraph 1, the Company shall approve the membership registration at the time of pressing the membership registration button. In the case of membership registration from a person other than a personal computer, a tablet terminal and a smartphone, the Company sends a registration confirmation e-mail and user receives an e-mail., then the membership registration will be approved at the time user press the address mentioned in the email. ARTIDA OUD 3. If the applicant for admission falls under any of the provisions of Article 14 at the time of admission or in the past, or if any other reason is inappropriate as a member, The Company may refuse to applicants to participate in the Service as a member.
Article 5 (Change of registration items)
If there are any changes in the registered items (name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.), the Member, Please perform change procedure promptly from My Page or Inquiry in ARTIDA OUD. If don’t perform the change procedure, user may not receive any benefits or announcements.

Chapter 3 Membership Benefits

Article 6 (Benefits)
  1. Members can receive ARTIDA OUD points (hereinafter referred to as "points") and various benefits services when they purchase ARTIDA OUD products. For more information about the various benefits services, please refer to the user guide.
Article 8 (Granting points)
  1. When a member purchases a product of ARTIDA OUD, he or she logs in from the member screen prior to the shopping cart settlement and purchases it, points will be granted 14 days after the purchase. Please note that if user proceeds to a shopping cart without logging in from a member's screen when purchasing products of ARTIDA OUD, points will not be granted.
  2. For more information about how to grant points, how to use accumulated points, and expiration date of points, please refer to “About Points” in User Guide. In addition, Products and services that are not subject to points granted are:
    • ①Repair price, Processing price, Delivery Fees, Consumption Tax, and other Products and services specified by the Company.
    • ②Payment by using points, and other payments of shopping tickets specified by the Company.
Article 9 (Processing when returning purchased product)
When a member returns a product that has been granted points, assigned points will be deducted.

Chapter 4 Product purchase method in ARTIDA OUD

Article 10 (Product purchase method in ARTIDA OUD)
Members shall be subject to the "Terms of Service" set forth separately by the Company when purchasing products of ARTIDA OUD.

Chapter 5 Prohibited Matters

Article 11 (Prohibition of duplicate membership)
It is forbidden for members to join it again. The Company shall be entitled to nullify one of the IDs without the consent of the Member if duplicate membership is found for a single Member. In this case, points accumulated in the invalid ID will be revoked.
Article 12 (Prohibition of illegal acquisition of points)
A member shall not be wrongly granted points and may not use points if points are deemed to have been acquired by unauthorized means.

Chapter 6 Withdrawal and others

Article 13 (Withdrawals)
A member may withdraw from membership at any time through the withdrawal procedures after the prescribed procedures of the Company. In this case, all accumulated points will expire regardless of expiration date and that member will not be able to log in to ARTIDA OUD.
Article 14 (Loss of Membership)
Members shall immediately lose their qualifications if the Company deems any of the following reasons, violation of the Agreement, or injustice in using the points due to members’ act.

  • ① When Member has carried out the prohibited acts specified in Chapter 5.
  • ② When it is determined by the Company that it is not appropriate to be admitted as a member continuously and Members violate the Membership Agreement
  • ③ When a Member has made a false registration or notification
  • ④ When the Company is unable to contact the member even after using considerable communication means.
  • ⑤ When members died. (Membership status must not be inherited.)
  • ⑥ In the case where it is determined by the Company that it is not appropriate to be admitted as a member continuously due to the occurrence of any other reason that hinders the smooth operation of services etc. based on the Membership Agreement.
Article 15 (System Maintenance, Failure, etc.)
The Company can temporarily suspend all or part of ARTIDA OUD's services without notice due to power outages, system failures, maintenance, security measures against card forgery, etc., and other administrative circumstances. Please note that the Company will not be liable for any disadvantage or damage to members.
Article 16 (Use of social buttons)
Some ARTIDA OUD sites have social buttons that link to external sites. The provisions of each service provider apply to members.

Chapter 7 Inquiry

Article 17 (Customer Support)
Customer Support is as follows:
Arital OUD Customer Support

Reception time: 10: 00 to 17: 00 Japan time (excluding weekends, holidays, New Year holidays, and large holidays)
TEL: 03-5413-6702 (available language: Japanese only)
Contact us from here
※Please use the inquiry form above for overseas inquiries.
Supplementary provision
Enactment on April 3, 2018
Revised on January 29, 2020