SONOMAREN’s horoscopes for 2021 ( SONOMAREN 2021年星座占卜)

“What’s your fortune for 2021 ?”
“SONOMAREN is a stunning fortune-teller, flooded with reservations, whose horoscopes will bring you good luck in 2021.”

預約爆滿的美人占卜師 SONOMAREN用星座占卜在2021年為你帶來好運。

SONOMAREN  ーLunar herbal therapist, lunar beautician, fortune-teller
Influenced by parents whose work involved the culinary arts, I was raised with an interest in the importance of food. As a lunar beautician hoping to suggest teas to enrich bodies and minds and promote beauty and health, I recommend beauty regimens suited to the phases of the moon, teas, tea therapies that apply the principles of aromatherapy and emphasize the aromas of Chinese teas and herbal teas, and other services.”


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