User Guide

How to cherish your jewelry

Points of caution regarding the wearing of jewelry

1) Reactions with cosmetics, perfurmes, detergents, fruit juice, spa or hot spring water, salt water, UV light, etc can change the color of or damage the product. Please be sure to remove the jewelry before exposing it to such conditions.
2) If you experience itching or a rash, please stop wearing the product immediately and discuss with a professional dermatologist regarding the issue.
3) Jewelry is very delicate. When performing physical labor, playing sports, or even during bedtime, there is a chance that jewelry can be damaged. During these times, please be sure to remove your jewelry.
4) In very hot places (saunas, etc) or very cold places (ski slopes, etc) it's possible to be burned or frostbitten if wearing jewelry. Please remove your jewelry in extreme temperatures.
5) Metal and stained products(resin, leather etc), when in contact with water, sweat, or friction, can bleed their color. Please take this into particular consideration when you are wearing light-colored clothes.
6) Products are designed with a focus on appearance. As so, some products are more prone to becoming caught in the fibers of clothing, pet hair, etc. When putting on and taking off your jewelry, please be especially careful to avoid unexpected hazards.

Points of caution regarding the maintenance of jewelry

1) Keep your jewelry in a dry place out of direct sunlight.
2) When jewelry is in contact with air, it becomes more prone to fading or changing of color. When you're not wearing your jewelry, we recommend keeping it in a specialized case to keep the time it is in contact with air at a minimum.
3) When storing multiple pieces of jewelry, the pieces bumping into one another can be the cause of small scratches and other damage. When storing jewelry, try as best as you can to keep individual pieces separated from eachother.
4) It is easy for chains to become tangled. It's best to store them as stretched out as possible, or wrap them a few times around a soft cloth when storing them. Avoid bunching them together or crumpling them.
5) When travelling, we recommend putting your jewelry in a specialized travel poach to carry it safely.

Make a habit of [If you wore it, wipe it]

Jewelry worn comes into contact directly with the skin. After being worn, jewelry can become surpisingly dirty with sweat, cosmetics, and oil. The easiest way to care for your jewelry day to day is to make a habit of [If you wore it, wipe it]. To prevent the shine of your jewelry from fading, you should gently wipe the surface with a soft cloth before storing it every day. We recommend using a specialty cloth designed for jewelry. Please use a cloth which doesn't contain any abrasives.

If there is a stain which doesn't come off when wiped, wash it

Jewelry can become clean and pretty when washed.
If you don't have jewelry cleaner in your possession, you can use a neutral detergent mixed with warm water.
※Does not apply to jewelry other than ruby, sapphire, diamond, and quartz.
1) Soaking jewelry can remove stains.
2) For stains on the inside or small parts, you can use a soft brush to help with removal.
3) Rinse the jewelry with running water and dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth. Please make sure it is completely dry.

Caring for coated jewelry

ARTIDA OUD's 10karat gold and silver products are processed with supportive coating. Since it is possible for the coating to peel off, please refrain from using any abrasive cloth when caring for your jewelry.
1) Please use a neutral detergent mixed with warm water for cleaning.
2) Wrap the jewelry in a soft cloth and gently wipe the entire piece.
3) With another dry, soft cloth, gently remove any remaining moisture. Moisture left on jewelry can cause discoloration and other damage, so please be sure to thoroughly dry the jewelry.

Caring for specific materials

When diamonds come into contact with sweat and oil, their shimmer can become cloudy. Regularly wiping the surface can preserve or bring back the original shimmer of the diamond.
・Other natural stones
Try to avoid using liquids as much as possible when performing maintenance. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the stones.
It's easy for pearls to be damaged by hard materials and friction. This will cause the original beauty of the pearl to be lost. Pearls are also sensitive to acidity, water, and heat. Please be careful around water, cosmetics, medicine/ointments, and detergents when wearing pearls. Please also avoid keeping pearls in areas with high temperatures, direct sunlight, or other bright light sources.

If your chain becomes tangled

When the chain of a necklace or bracelet becomes tangled, do not try to pull on the chain or force it free. Use baby powder or body powder to coat the chain then slowly and gently try to pull the chain apart. This will make it easier to remove the tangle or knot.

Regarding items with chains

Items with ball chains or chains that are processed with supportive coating can lose their color or degrade, becoming easier to break when left exposed to water. If the chain becomes wet, use a soft cloth to gently remove all moisture from the chain. Also, subjecting the chain to force or sudden pulling movements can cause it to break, so please be careful when wearing it.

Regarding open rings

Due to their design, they are weak towards pulling forces or strong impacts. Please be careful about bumping, dropping, or getting the ring caught on something.

Regarding the metal fittings on hoop earrings

Through continual use, the fittings can become wider. If that happens, please use your fingers to apply pressure to both sides and adjust the width of the gap manually.