ARTIDA OUD’s Donation

ARTIDA OUD's concept is based on [raw beauty= natural beauty] and we make donations or hold charities for women of developing countries. We support the independence of the women of India where our products are made, as well as the girls of developing nations, and we will introduce a number of activities to achieve our goal.

In both cases, our donations go to the international campaign "Because I am a girl" developed by the NGO Plan International. Based on protecting women from risks surrounding them, and helping women to manifest the power to live independently. The ultimate goal is to create a world without poverty, discrimination, and violence.

Notice regarding the ARTIDA OUD donation program's
total donation amount

Total amount raised:26,721,950yen

As of May 2021

Point Program

Point Program

Point fund-raising program: 1% of all purchases are earned as points. For each point, we at ARTIDA OUD donate an amount of 1yen.

「I am」 Donation Project

We hope that by each woman individually expressing the desire [So that I can be myself (=I am)], we can create an environment where women can be themselves and succeed.
We put that hope forward in the "I am" donation project, where a part of all sales is donated to women of developing countries. We donate a portion of proceeds as well as an amount correlated to everyone's INSTAGRAM contributions.

Last year, we were able to reach the target amount of the “I am” donation project to build a school in India. We are very grateful for the warm support of many people.

The project will build six kindergartens in Bihar, India. From the perspective of long-term support, we will continue the "Children's Educational Environment Improvement Program" in Bihar, India, until a sustainable environment is created for children to receive better education.

“kale” Charity Collection

[International Girl's Day] calls for the advancement of [Women's rights] and [Empowerment of women] in international societies. Every year at ARTIDA OUD we participate in this event, presenting a charity collection designed specifically for the day "kale". 10% of sales from said collection are donated to charity.

“Raw Beauty” Promotion

“Raw Beauty” Promotion

"raw beauty" - natural beauty which leaves a strong impression. ARTIDA OUD values true beauty which comes from within. We want women to shine beautifully. Instead of not having sales, we donate 10% of all profit to charity for the duration of events.

【Points of caution regarding fund-raised money】

We sincerely thank you for your understanding.