Astrologer / Sakura Tachibana  ×  ARTIDA OUD Director & Designer / Mariko Abe


Astrologer / Sakura Tachibana × ARTIDA OUD Director & Designer / Mariko Abe

The scenery seen by a woman who keeps running can be a vivid moment or a quiet moonlit night.
Words that can be a source of light, no matter where you are.
These are the powerful words of astrologer Sakura Tachibana, who is the supervisor of the popular “Horoscope” section of ARTIDA OUD.

Astrology is a horoscope that reads the future by combining the position and movement of celestial bodies and fortune telling that reads the future by connecting people and society to experience.  The universe is vast, and our lives are within that wave of time.  If you renew your thoughts, you will feel refreshed when you look up at the night sky. 

One and a half years after Sakura Tachibana and ARTIDA OUD met, their fate was sealed and continued to resonate, resulting in a collaboration and release of a new line of jewelry.  An array of sparkling jewelry inspired by the keywords of 2020, “space, plants, crafts, tradition, elaborate and all things in nature”.  With the hope that something amazing will happen for you…This is the feeling behind the jewelry made in this collaboration. 

We asked Sakura Tachibana, a woman who is a strong supporter of people moving forward and “Raw Beauty (the natural beauty of a woman)”, about her thoughts and progress in collaborating with ARTIDA OUD.  We are being watched over by shining stars far away.

An encounter with fate when the winds blew

Mariko:You and I collaborated in making this jewelry and I wanted to take this opportunity to ask you about your thoughts about how you feel about jewelry.  I hear that you used to work for a securities company.  What made you pursue astrology?

Sakura:I think that my experience working for a securities company had a big influence on my pursuing astrology.  The movement of the world economy and celestial bodies are quite similar as the markets move just as planets do.  When I realized that, I thought it was a quite interesting thought.  The impression of fortune telling is that it is closely connected to each individual, but it may provide a larger perspective or be able to convey something important, not just personal concerns connected to work or love.  I, myself, was attracted to the romantic element of it. 

Mariko:That’s very deep.  The image of astrology is mysterious and to learn that it is quite similar to the movement of the economy, meaning it has the potential to affect lots of people, not just on an individual level. 

Sakura:But when I realized the relationship between celestial bodies and the economy, I didn’t know anything about the connection between the two.  So I studied and taught myself about astrology.  I continued to collect data on a daily basis, comparing the movement of world markets and the movement of celestial bodies.

Sakura:When I found ARTIDA OUD, I felt a sense of connection between the brand and myself.  It was an intuitive attraction when I saw it as a recommended account to follow on Instagram.  When I visited the site, I was not only impressed by the jewelry, but also the fact that ARTIDA OUD was involved in donating portions of it sales to developing countries. 

Mariko:I’m honored to hear that.  I think it was May of 2018 when you started following us.  It was only about a month after our launch. 

Sakura:I approached a friend of mine that was working in PR and told them that I wanted to get in contact with ARTIDA OUD.  A short time later, I was visiting a power spot at Manai Shrine which was recommended to me by another colleague and after paying my respects, I suddenly heard the sound of a new notification on my phone.  It was a LINE message from my friend working in PR that said, “I got in touch with ARTIDA OUD!”  I was so surprised! (laughs)

Mariko:When I heard that story, I got goosebumps.  I thought, “This must be fate!” (laughs)  I have always felt the affinity between astrology and jewelry and was on the lookout for an astrologer for ARTIDA OUD who I could join forces with.   But it is hard to meet people that are a good fit for the company.  You were a perfect match. 

When changes in wealth come

Mariko:I felt an affinity between astrology and jewelry, like stones and the designs that enhance luck, so I set up the “Horoscope” section on the site and appointed you to supervise it.  Subsequently, we started collaborating to create a new line of jewelry.

Sakura:For me, it was a very rewarding effort.  I gave advice from the perspective of astrology, but I think you’re right, there is an affinity between astrology and jewelry.  However, even if I find an item that encompasses the two, I feel like something is missing.  That missing element is something I feel is found in ARTIDA OUD jewelry.  It must be the beauty of the design that many people think when they first see ARTIDA OUD jewelry.  It has a very delicate, graceful and inspiring look to it that makes me feel happy.  That, I think, is an important factor in increasing your luck and fortune. 

Mariko:That uplifting feel of wearing your favorite jewelry give you a positive attitude that changes the fate of the person wearing it.  I myself believe in the power of jewelry, and if you add the power of astrology to that, it will double and give you even more power.  In this collaboration, K18YG gold was recommended as the main material for the lineup.  Can you tell us about your decision to go with that?

(from the right hand pinky going down)"prana" K18 leaf emerald ring 59,400yen (with tax) / "prana" K18 emerald pave eternity ring 61,600yen (with tax) /(right hand middle finger)"prana" K18 tanzanite pave eternity ring 57,200yen (with tax) /(right hand index finger)"prana" K18 labradorite pave pave diamond ring 52,800yen (with tax) /(left hand ring finger)"prana" K18 amethyst pave diamond ring 52,800yen (with tax) /(left hand middle finger)"prana" K18 full moon pave diamond open ring 52,800yen (with tax) "prana" K18 rhodolite garnet pave eternity ring 55,000yen (with tax) /(left hand index finger)"prana" K18 gold rutilated quartz pave diamond ring 59,400yen (with tax) / "prana" K18 leaf pave diamond ring 77,000yen (with tax)

Sakura: The reason for recommending K18YG is because of the movement of Uranus.  In the astrological world, Uranus is a very influential being.  In March 2019, Uranus moved into Taurus.  Uranus is a revolutionary star and during this time of Uranus in Taurus, it means that abundance, wealth, currency and assets will be transformed and rebuilt.  Of course, this is not a negative thing.  It means that the old, conventional things will be reborn into new and more valuable things.  K18YG, a luxurious symbol of wealth, is one of the materials affected by Uranus, the star of change.  It is a lucky material that gives allies the power of celestial bodies.  The time of Taurus Uranus started in 2019 and will last until 2026.  Not only will K18YG last longer because it is of high-quality, but it will also be a long-term item for improving fortune.

Mariko:The keywords put forth in conjunction with the material are “space, plants, crafts, tradition, elaboration and all things in nature”.  I drew up a design using these keywords as a motif.  We want people to enjoy combining multiple motifs, and consider the ease of stacking jewelry. 

Sakura:Not only with this collaboration, but all of ARTIDA OUD jewelry is exquisite with a balance between cute and stylish for adults.  This balance does not make it too flashy even when layered.  From this series, I layered the ““prana” K18 leaf pave diamond ring” with plant leaves as a motif and the ““prana” K18 labradorite pave diamond ring” with large stones.  I really like these combinations. 

(from the ring finger going up)"prana" K18 leaf pave diamond ring 77,000yen (with tax) / "prana" K18 labradorite pave pave diamond ring 52,800yen (with tax) /(index finger)"prana" K18 emerald pave eternity ring 61,600yen (with tax) /(wrist)"meander" pave diamond wide bangle 220,000yen (with tax)

Athletic women, with power and a pure heart are beautiful

Mariko:That’s beautiful.  Your nails are beautiful and go well with your attire today.  How do you choose your clothes and jewelry?

Sakura:Looking at it from an astrological perspective, my recent motto is to listen to other people’s opinions.  If someone tells you that it looks good on you, I try to use it as often as possible.  I like the feeling of the gap between what I like and the opinions of others as to what looks good on me.  

Mariko:I understand how you feel.  I also try to take wisdom from stylists and people around me when thinking about how to coordinate jewelry.  By doing this, I feel that I am able to see a new expression of jewelry that I hadn’t seen before. 

Sakura:Taking in the sense of others is the same as opening a new door.  Your perspective will expand and new ideas that are produced from that expansion will prove to be different.  Seek to bring out a new world and a new you.  With regards to jewelry, rings are put on your fingers.  Rings are easily seen and attract attention so it’s good to sometimes ask your friends, “Does this look good on me?”  You may learn that your taste in style may change, which is a lot of fun.

Mariko:By taking into account the opinions of others as to what looks good on you, your own potential will also expand.  So I would like to ask you about how you think of beauty.  The theme of ARTIDA OUD is “Raw Beauty = the natural beauty of a woman”.  Keeping that in mind, is there a person who you think it beautiful? 

Sakura:In one word, I would say athletes.  I think women who are athletic are beautiful.  To narrow it down, I would say the tennis player Kimiko Date and swimmer Mikako Kotani.  For the younger generation, I would say the first Japanese woman to win a Grand Slam, Naomi Osaka.  And of course, the person sitting in front of me who I think is beautiful and athletic, Mariko Abe

Mariko:Oh, stop it! (laughs) Thank you!

Sakura :The fact that you are an athletic type of woman also shows in your astrology chart.  Not only you, but working with any person who is athletic is easier because of their temperament.  I am fascinated by the turbulent energy and am inspired by them.  I think your athletic disposition will shine even more in the future.  I think in 2 or 3 years from now, you will still have your gentle disposition, but will also have a more mannish type of air about you. 

(index finger)"prana" K18 full moon pave diamond ring 52,800yen (with tax) / "prana" K18 gold rutilated quartz pave diamond ring 59,400yen (with tax) /(middle finger)"prana" K18 amethyst pave diamond ring 52,800yen (with tax)

A message of admiration for the women who keep running toward the future, “do your best”

Mariko:Your words make me feel more energetic and make me feel like I should aim to be more mannish (laughs).  So to close things off, please send a message to all of the hard working women of the world. 

Sakura:This is where I would like to say “Do your best”.  I don’t want to say, “Try your best”, I want to say “Do your best”.  I am a Scorpio, and when the star of responsibility Saturn came into Scorpio, I knew that I should have prepared and tried to be ready for my work, but I was bewildered.  Anyway, no matter what you do, your work will never end.  I just wanted to do my job.  Then one day, my brother sent me an email saying “Do your best”, and that’s all it said.  Up until that time, I had received supportive mail from friends saying “Try your best” but I actually felt lonely and more pressured.  When I saw my brother’s email, I felt more confident deep down inside. 

Mariko:Not “Try your best”, but “Do your best”.  It sounds the same but the meaning is actually very different.  Saying “Do you best” has a stronger appeal and you can feel a direct push of real support.  Lately, society has started to use words that are more passive and kind versus the more direct approach.  I agree with your comments, and maybe it’s because I have more of an athletic disposition, but when I hear people say “you don’t have to work so hard”, I get frustrated.  I appreciate kind words, but I say “no, I really want to work hard!” 

Sakura:From an astrological point of view, everybody has difficult times and wonder why, and that’s hard.  I want to always support women who keep moving forward toward the future, even while times are difficult.  In addition to supporting those women, I want to say “the fact that you keep moving forward is what makes you beautiful”.  All in all, I want to say “Do your best!”

The world.  A distant earth.

Where life dwells, we are being watch over by the stars.


Sakura Tachibana

Astrologer.  She started as an astrologer after working for a securities firm.  Currently, she is a writer of books and regularly contributes to magazines.  Her horoscopes, Sakura Tachibana’s “Zodiac Sign” Astrology are updated on the 20th every month on the ARTIDA OUD website.  She is very popular in the fashion and media industry, and has an array of political and financial clients.  Being the most popular in the industry, she is known as an astrologer that is difficult to make an appointment with as she is in high demand. 


Mariko Abe

ARTIDA OUD Director, Designer.  After working as a luxury brand MD buyer, she joined Sazaby League Co., Ltd.  After working as the EC manager of the brand, she launched the jewelry brand “ARTIDA OUD” in April 2018.  In addition to making souvenirs in Jaipur India and Ise Shima, she is MD and creative director.

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