2023 Winter
~ Nahargarh Fort ~ Nahargarh Fort
The pink walls are stained by the setting sun, and a vivid color spreads out.
The sun is slowly setting and the stars are shining brightly.
The roofs of the palace are bathed in golden light and the wind whispers
A unique fragrance fills the air and the mystic call can be heard.
The spirit of Jaipur fills the city and stirs the heart.
Hidden in the desert, a paradise of its repose

Opening of the 2023Winter season. The theme is Nahargarh Fort, a historic palace and fortress in Jaipur.

A stunning palace, rising in all its glory, and the glow of the setting sun beautifully tinting it. The fort, with its stunning views of the city, becomes an amazing sight at night and is bathed in bright lights. Inspired by the mystical sunset view of Jaipur below, we present a glittering collection.

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Please check out the collection for the 2023Winter season.

"I am" Donation A donation project with the wish that everyone in the world can be active in their own way.

- "I am" Donation
We hope that everyone in the world will be able to play an active role in their own way by saying "I am" (= to be me).

With this wish in mind, ARTIDA OUD's "I am" Donation Project will donate up to 1,100 yen per item.

The new bracelet, which will be introduced at the start of the winter season, is a bracelet with unusual cube-cut beads connected by knots so that the color of the string can be seen as an accent. Gold beads placed in the center add a shimmering touch. The chic color of the bracelet is great for stacking several bracelets or layering with your existing bracelets or bangles.

Iridescent labradorite emits a mysterious iridescent light. Turquoise with a rich natural color. Smoky quartz like the smoky earth.

[I am donation] labradorite knot bracelet 5,500yen (with tax) /[I am donation] turquoise knot bracelet 5,500yen (with tax) /[I am donation] smoky quartz knot bracelet 5,500yen (with tax)

Pink tourmaline as dainty as petals. Violet florite with a sense of transparency. Soft, cool, gentle green aventurine.

[I am donation] pink tourmaline knot bracelet 5,500yen (with tax)/[I am donation] fluorite knot bracelet 5,500yen (with tax)/[I am donation] aventurine knot bracelet

opnner tattoo stickers that add a message to your jewelry.
"I am" Donation project was launched with Mr. Iwatani, designer of the very popular tattoo sticker brand "opnner", who believes that "tattoos are the best encouragement and eternal jewelry", and has been expanding the circle of The bracelets are designed to match with the new bracelets.

To match our new bracelet, we asked him to create a gold-colored pattern of stars, moon, and flowers shimmering in the night sky. We hope you will enjoy the balance of the design with the jewelry.

In addition, a special bracelet with a series of precious near-pristine diamonds is also available in limited quantities. The top of the bracelet is topped with a single, immaculate diamond, clasped in a ring.
The bracelet is delivered in a special envelope hand-drawn by Kaho Iwaya, along with an "opnner" tattoo sticker.

[I am donation] cube yellow diamond bracelet 49,500yen (with tax) /[I am donation] cube gray diamond bracelet 49,500yen (with tax) 

Donation goes to support developing countries in India
The "I am" Donation Project, launched in September 2019, has been providing various supports mainly to developing countries. We launched a program to improve the educational environment for children in the northeastern Indian state of Bihar, and with a donation of 9 million yen, we were able to construct six kindergarten classrooms. With the newly accumulated donation of 10 million yen, we aim to construct six more kindergarten classrooms to improve the early education environment.

In India, where jewelry is produced, there are still not many opportunities for girls and women to shine. We will continue to provide support from a long-term perspective so that everyone can freely dream and open up possibilities for the future.

Photo Exhibition @ THE ANOTHER MUSEUM
A Warm Circle of Support Connected by "I am" Donation

At THE ANOTHER MUSEUM in October, along with the new "I am" Donation products, we will exhibit photos of children in India, kindergarten classes, and bracelet production. We would like to express our gratitude to all of you who have supported us since the launch of the product. We hope you will take this opportunity to see what is happening in India today, which is warmly connected to you all.

We also recently visited India to report on the bracelet production process. We will report more about it in the next issue.

For more information about "I am" donation, please click here.

"saphed" Bridal Collection--Pure white petals. A clear shimmer. An eternal vow. The one and only jewel.

[saphed] PT rough ocean diamond ring 88,000yen (with tax)/[saphed] K18 rough ocean diamond ring 88,000yen (with tax)/[saphed] K18 ocean diamond ring 99,000yen (with tax)/[saphed] PT ocean diamond wide ring 132,000yen (with tax)

The bridal ring collection radiates freshness and brilliance.

The newest addition to the collection is the "Ocean Diamond" bridal ring, an earth-friendly diamond collected from the ocean floor. This is the third diamond that ARTIDA OUD has started handling since this year's Summer Collection. This is the first bridal ring to be designed with this new product.

The mysterious "Ocean Diamond" was found on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean after thousands of years in diamond mines. They have the same composition, crystal structure, and brilliance as natural diamonds. Because they are extracted from the ocean floor, the mining process causes little environmental damage, and they are considered earth-friendly diamonds. The diamonds are purchased from the Ocean Diamond Company, a company with thorough traceability, where divers dive into the ocean and record the entire process, including when and where the ore was excavated. Each Ocean Diamond is accompanied by a certificate that shows where it was found and the date of excavation.

Four types of bridal rings with such ocean diamonds have been created exclusively for "THE ANOTHER MUSEUM".

The engagement ring features a single rough-cut diamond that is pure and unadorned. Available in K18 and platinum.

Two types of wedding rings are also available. The "thin" type has thin arms and the "wide" type has wide arms. You can choose to have a single diamond on the front or back side of the arm. You can choose from K18 or platinum material.

Each ring is handmade by skilled craftsmen after receiving your order, one by one, with care and attention. We hope you will enjoy the thrill of receiving a ring, a symbol of love, from faraway India.

We deliver the one and only bridal ring in the world."
-Order bridal rings.
In October, "THE ANOTHER MUSEUM" will hold a bridal ring ordering session. Customers can choose a diamond to be placed in the center of the engagement ring to create their own ring. In addition to existing popular designs, there will be a lineup of diamonds of rare colors and cuts, and of various carats and grades, specially prepared for the order session.

For more information, please click here.


Thetis" is the fragrance that will be wafting from the packaging when the products are delivered to you starting on Monday, October 2. Thetis" has a freshness reminiscent of the deep blue of the Adriatic Sea and a sweet, fragrant scent that hints of an enigmatic woman.

We hope you will enjoy it.


THE ANOTHER MUSEUM" in Shoto, Shibuya-ku, which celebrated its third anniversary this August, is now open for free. The jewelry lineup has been expanded, and it has been reborn as a form of jewelry that can be purchased on the spot.

THE ANOTHER MUSEUM offers new items for sale in October as well as jewelry exclusive to the store. Reminiscent of ancient gemstones, natural stones in shimmering colors. The rings are finished with plaster-like matte arms. The design is somewhat exotic and has a handmade Indian feel that enhances the shimmer of the oriental colored gemstones.

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