All Stones

Zodiac Stone of Aries and Leo and Libra.

Billions of years ago, in ancient times, high pressure and temperatures hundreds of kilometers below ground created the crystal known today as Diamond by coincidence. Small pieces, again by coincidental movement of the earth's crust have been carried closer to the surface. Multiple miracles of nature created this mysterious crystal. The Diamonds we have access to today are at least 900 million years old. Known as the hardest crystal on earth, its hardness represents the [forming of solid bonds]. The forever brightly shining Diamond is crowned the king of crystals, and has power which can't be subjugated by anyone.

Zodiac Stone of Aries and Cancer and Capricorn.

The first recorded use of Emerald dates back to around 4000 bce Babylon. Ancient Egyptian royalty treasured Emeralds as signs of wealth, authority, and beauty. Emeralds are also known to have been loved by the beautiful Cleopatra. They have the power to attract members of the opposite sex and are said to bring out the beauty of one's eyes. Emeralds' power of love is incredibly strong, and the act of giving and receiving them is known as a way to express one's dedication. In ancient times it was even used in medicine, as a remedy for a tired spirit and a way to increase cognitive functions.

Zodiac Stone of Aries and Leo and Scorpius.

Rubies are vivid and resplendent, as well as rare, and for this reason are often called the [Queen of Crystals]. In ancient India, rubies were treasured more highly than even diamonds. Also known as [The stone which brings victory], it was believed to have the power to guide one through hard times and lead to victory. Royalty and other influential figures liked to wear rubies to bring prosperity and wealth. Rubies help to fortify one's fundamental life energy, and also possess the power to help one make their dreams into reality. They also have an aura of deep love. They help improve one's faults and increase mental power and concentration. It's said that their effect is even greater when worn on the right side of the body.

Zodiac Stone of Aries and Virgo and Aquarius.

In ancient Persia, people believed that the Earth was sat upon an enormous sapphire, and the blue sky was created by reflection of light from the surface of the sapphire. It's also said that the ten commandments of Moses were carved into sapphire, and the Catholic church regards the blue sapphire as a symbol of god's light. For this reason, priests often wore a sapphire ring on their left hand. Symbolizing Virtue, Benevolence, and Faith, sapphires give the wearer insight, and allow them to see the reality of not only the outside world, but internally as well. It's believed that because of this, they help one to unlock their inner potential.


Slightly translucent, the delicate pink sapphire helps to bring out the most of a woman's appeal. They have the power to increase deep affection, kindness, endearment, and fidelity. They have a powerful ability to draw people together and express feeling, as well as protect faithful love. For this reason, they help to deepen the connection with people important to you. In Europe, many people choose pink sapphires over diamonds for their wedding rings.

Zodiac Stone of Cancer and Capricorn.

Known also as [Moon Tears] or the [Tear Symbol], when worn they bring out a woman's beauty, softness, and elegance. It's said that they strengthen one's charm, affection, and kindness. Also, they help to balance emotions and bring out inner beauty. As they provide kindness and mercy, they are a symbol of one's affection towards dear people and family. Since they have a powerful aura of protection, they help to reduce negative feelings, increase positive feelings, and reduce stress while also healing one's spirit.

Zodiac Stone of Cancer.

The surface shines like the moon, and gives the stone an air of mystery. In ancient societies, they believed the stone had captured a portion of the moon's light. The moonstone is also known as the [stone of bliss], and in medieval Europe it was considered the greatest gift one could give to their lover. It was believed to strengthen to love between two lovers and even bring back lovers who had split up. It's also a powerful healing stone which helps to decrease stress and help with management of emotions. It helps lead the mysterious into a state of understanding.


With a beautiful rainbow iridescence, it is known as the [Bringer of Happiness]. It's actually not a moonstone, but a stone known as white labradorite. It helps to bring inspiration and good fortune to the wearer. Things that may seem like a miracle will be more likely to occur, both events and meetings. For this reason, it's a very romantic stone. It's brilliance and powers are unique to it, and so many collectors find the stone desirable.

Zodiac Stone of Sagittarius and Capricorn.

It features a deep blue and has a calm and intellectual aura. Known as the [Self-Development Stone], it gives the wearer calm and allows for thoughtful judgement. It's known to lead to success. In ancient Celt society, it was known as [The Stone Which Brings Spiritual Power] and was used in ceremonies. It strengthens intuition and insight and brings inspiration. It has the power to free one from unhappiness and stress, and bring peace to the wearer. It's also known to increase one's abilities in communication.

Zodiac Stone of Scorpius and Sagittarius.

Meaning "to search" in Greek, the name comes from the wordTopazos. It could also come from the name of the Egyptian island Topazos in the Red Sea, as it was often covered in a deep fog and so nearly impossible to find. However, it seems what the ancient Greeks called Topaz was actually peridot. Topaz helps the wearer to find what they are looking for. It brings inspiration and insight to the wearer and makes vague things become clear. It helps the wearer to understand their own desires and gives hope for the future.

Zodiac Stone of Gemini and Pisces.

The name comes from the latin wordsfor water, "Aqua" and the ocean, "Marine". Its beauty is like that of a calm ocean. It's said the French queen Marie Antoinette loved aquamarines alongside diamonds. In medieval Europe, the stone's beauty was observed under the light of a candle and thus became popular for evening events, being dubbed [Queen of the Night]. It is also known as [The Stone of Angels] and symbolizes beauty, youth, and happy marriage.

Zodiac Stone of Libra and Gemini.

The elements and minerals that make up tourmaline are so compelxly intertwined that it holds an array of colors and it is said that [Tourmaline has all colors] as well as [the colors of the rainbow].


Effective in bringing out personality and one's appeal, as well as inner beauty and femininity.It is said that it helps to connect with others apathetically and give the wearer a kind atmosphere.


It has extremely powerful healing effects, and helps to balance one's inner self. It's also said to increase creaitivty and lead to success in the workplace.


Turqoise has one of the longest histories of all stones with humanity, and has been discovered among ancient Egyptian pharaoh treasures. In Persia, the home of turqoise, it has been used and loved for over 6,000 years in decorations and ornaments. With a beautiful sky blue color, it is said to bring happiness and prosperity. It gives the wearer courage, clearer judgement, unyielding faith, and the ability to achieve one's dreams. It's also used to ward off evil spirits and protect people during travels. When danger is near, it was said to fade in color or crack to warn the wearer.

Zodiac Stone of Sagitttarius and Aquarius.

Loved throughout the world since ancient times, amethyst possesses a beautiful purple color. Known is Japan as having the most saintly color, Prince Shotoku declared it to have the highest position among the [Twelve Level Cap and Rank System] for its color. In China, only the Emperor was allowed to wear the color on his body. Among all of crystals, amethyst is often highly regarded as having the most beautiful color mutations. It's referred to as the [Guardian of Love] and [Protector of True Love] and in Europe as [The Stone Which Brings a Wonderful Lover]. It's also a powerful healing crystal with properties that provide spiritual healing and provide a calm peace to the wearer.

Zodiac Stone of Leo.

Among quartz crystals, Lucile quartz is a beautiful needle-shaped crystal which gets its color from iron trapped within the crystal. It has a mysterious aura. Since ancient times it has been used to ward off evil spirits. Shaped and changed by the powers of nature, Lucile quartz quartz is considered a step up in power over other quartz. Its immense power increases concentration and insight in the wearer and helps in taking the first step towards achieving one's dreams. It's also said to have the power to attract important people to the wearer.


Known as "The symbol of love and kindness", it helps women's inner beauty to shine. In Greek mythology, it was known as the stone of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. In ancient Rome and Egypt, it was used as a beauty treatment. It provides kind healing to the heart's wounds, and allows the wounded to once again open their hearts. It's said that the wearer will be filled with love, and become more generous and kind to others.

Zodiac Stone of Scorpius.

Opal is called the [Stone of Hope] and has one of the brightest shimmers among many stones. It's known as a stone which brings happiness and hope to people who are experiencing dark times. It can rid one of depression, and give flexibility to not be influenced or trapped by feelings or people. It's also said to increase creativity and help one to break out of stereotypes, allowing the wearer to see things in a different light and value things differently, as well as unlock inner potential that had been previously hiding.

Zodiac Stone of Aquarius.

Worshipped throughout the world since ancient times as a "Holy Stone". In Egypt it was used to create the most powerful charms and had a value that rivalled even gold at the time. In Japan, as well, the world of Buddhism says that lapis lazuli decorates heaven and it is considered one of the [Seven Treasures]. It's been treasured since ancient times as a "Guardian of Happiness". It helps not only to ward off bad feelings from outside, but inside as well. It's also said to give the wearer the power to exorcize negative feelings, allowing them to see reality and let their creativity blossom.

Zodiac Stone of Gemini.

When broken, agate produces sharp edges, and so since ancient times it has been used in stoneware. The creation of a rotating-style seal had been recorded in ancient Mesapotamia, about 6,000 bce, and in the time of the Romans, it was used in intaglio and seals due to its sturdiness and ability to be carved into delicate lines. Because agate is formed by the coming together of many different elements, it symbolizes [commonality] and [convergence]. It's said to help strengthen the bonds between people and improve human relations.

Zodiac Stone of Aries.

Coming from the word Granatus, meaning "Seed" in Latin, garnet's have been regarded and worshipped throughout the world since ancient times as a holy stone. It's said that in medieval Europe, garnet's red symbolized blood and many soldiers heading into battle wore it one their bodies as a protective charm with the belief it would allow them to return home safely. It's believed that garnet helps win out in hard times, and leads the wearers efforts to success.

Zodiac Stone of Pisces.

Coming from the Greek word for "ice", quartz has the meaning of "translucent ice". Just like the name says, the crystal has a translucent brilliance and has been considered a holy stone throughout the world since ancient times. It has powerful cleansing properties and removes negative energy. It's said to make the future clearer for the wearer. Also known as the [Stone which Balances the Universe], it strengthens the wearer's energy and has the ability to balance.

Zodiac Stone of Virgo.

Known is ancient Egypt as [Bringer of Fortune], carnelian was worn and loved by global peoples throughout history. In digsites in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, carnelian ornaments were found in great numbers. Its bright orange color is known to [improve the mood] of the wearer and give courage and the ability to act to the wearer. It's believed to also bring luck. A famous anecdote is that Napolean also had an octagonal carnelian seal which he kept on his person at all times.

Zodiac Stone of Libra.

Peridot means "Golden Stone" in Greek. In ancient Egypt it symbolized the "Golden Sun" and was worshipped as the god of the sun. Peridot has the power to remove darkness and bathe the world in light, and the power to remove evil as a protective charm. It has been treasured since ancient times for this reason. Peridot has a beautiful green color like an olive bathed in sunlight. It lights up the wearer's heart with the light of hope and gives courage. It softens stress and negative feelings and supports glowing inner beauty.

Zodiac Stone of Taurus.

Although it's not a crystal or jewel, coral has been used globally since ancient times as a protective charm and held in the same regards as gemstones. It's believed that the power of the sea dwells within coral, and has been worn by sailors who wished to cross the sea safely as a [Navigation Charm]. In India, it's used as a charm to ward off evil and misfortune. It rids the wearer of negative thoughts and relaxes ones emotions. It is said to have the effect of healing the spiritual balance of the wearer.

Zodiac Stone of Virgo.

Onyx has been kept with importance since ancient times as a protective charm with the ability to exorcize evil spirits. In Christian prayer it's used in rosary necklaces. In ancient India it was used to protect the wearer from evil spirits. Not only does onyx protect the wearer by deflecting negative thoughts and intentions, but it helps to remove evil thoughts from within and provide the patience required to move forward. It's also said to symbolize success.


Malachite possesses an incredibly powerful aura for protecting its wearer from misfortune. It's said that if danger approached, the stone will crack. In ancient Europe the custom of wearing malachite was believed to protect infants and children. It increases the wearer's insight and protects from other people's negative energy and thoughts. It also helps to relax the wearer and relieve stress, and is thought to bring peaceful sleep.

Zodiac Stone of Aquarius and Cancer.

Labradorite produces a mysterious rainbow colored light. That light is believed to be from another planet in the Milky Way. It's believed to strengthen the wearers intuition, inspiration, and insight. It also symbolizes the light from the moon and sun and it said to give the wearer the fortitude to persist tirelessly.

Zodiac Stone of Pisces.

Iolite, also known as the "Ocean's sapphire". There was once a time where pirates in the Atlantic Ocean would bring iolite for navigational purposes. It's said that they would hold the stone up to the light of the sun and use it as a sort of compass. Its beautiful and clear color brings a clear mind to the wearer, and like a compass will lead the wearer in the correct direction.


Highly regarded in ancient Greece and Rome, pyrite features a metallic gold brilliance and color. It has a powerful protective force and has been used as a charm to protect the wearer from negative energies. It fortifies the will of the wearer and increases activeness.

Zodiac Stone of Scorpius.

Used since ancient times in the Assyrian empire, it was also worn in ancient Egypt as a protective charm. It's connected to the god of war, Mars(Aries) and soldiers believed it was a stone which would lead to [Victory], and as such wore it on their person. It's believed to have positive effects on the blood, and thought to heal the liver and to strengthen muscles.

Zodiac Stone of Gemini.

Named because of its color, similar to the skin of citron, it has the power of the sun and brings hope and courage to the wearer. From long ago, it was believed to bring prosperity and fortune to merchants and called the [Lucky Stone] by many. It is said to unlock the wearer's inner potential while simultaneously relaxing and relieving stress.


A mineral well seen throughout history, it was considered a ruby until the 18th century, when its name was decided. It's known to give birth to a variety of new energies and maintain fresh and clear thoughts for the wearer. Black Spinel raises the wearers individuality, and is said to strengthen the desire to reach one's goals.


Quarts has been loved throughout time for its properties as a healing stone. It gives the power to cleanse and awaken one's locked potential. Green quartz is said to have the power to balance relationships between people and heal the wearer.