What’s your fortune for 2021?
SONOMAREN is a stunning fortune-teller, flooded with reservations, whose horoscopes will bring you good luck in 2021.



Coming of a new age—Ride the wave of breakthroughs.

In 2021, we’ll fully transition from an Earth Era that continued for around 240 years to a new Air Era. In late December 2020 (the 22nd), two very influential stars (Saturn and Jupiter) entered Aquarius and converged nearly 0 degrees from each other. This caused a Great Conjunction—a great shift in eras that occurs once every 20 years. Furthermore, this notable astrological alignment marked an elemental shift from earth to air for the first time in 240 years. Looking back on it, 2020 was a watershed—a turning point toward a new era when many tumultuous events happened. Wind symbolizes information and communication. True to this meaning, rapid progress in the way we interact with each other, the way we work, and other ways (through the spread of remote work and the like) is being achieved in a short time period. It has also greatly influenced our values and lifestyles. In 2021, we enter an era where the value of the immaterial (information and intelligence) will increase compared to the material (money and possessions). A global perspective will become the norm, and fields like technology and IT will continue their trends of continual progress. With horizontal communication valuing egalitarian connections, acknowledging each other’s individuality, it will be a time when we update our values to even broader perspectives. Becoming lighter without obsessing over material objects and continuing to adapt to new rules and common knowledge for a better tomorrow are keywords for riding the waves of the coming era.

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A new network—This year, we spread the word about our new selves.

For you, 2021 will be the year you focus on interacting with others and creating new relationships. You’ll move closer to achieving your goals, getting support and backup both from a network that is completely different from before and from your friends and community. Powerfully transmitting a message of innovative things and events through social media, blogs, and the like, is likely to receive high acclaim. Quickly adapting to the societal trends (where ever-increasing forms of various kinds of media are likely) and spreading your message will lead to breakthroughs. Being yourself in all situations are keywords. Expressing a self unconstrained by stereotypes by trying to make minor changes to the way you present yourself might give rise to an unforeseen talent.
Up to 2020, you might have been in a loop where you both felt pressured from being judged socially and didn’t feel like you tried when you did. You’ll feel like you set down the burden on your shoulders in 2021—when you’ll finally be released from the tension and anxiety that felt like being in a constant struggle. Having done what needed to be done, you find that you are able to view both your fixed beliefs and the things you previously had worried over from a different perspective. You’ll likely see yourself change and grow, finding yourself able to delegate things that trapped you into thinking you had to do them all on your own. While making use of both your inherent intuition and ideas and then getting hints from your friends and personal connections from completely new networks, you’ll find that it’s a time when you can create new opportunities that will lead you into tomorrow.



Overflowing with power, a year of major breakthroughs—Innovation and perseverance will lead you into tomorrow.

For you, 2021 will be the year you take on a leadership role and gain both trust and prestige in social situations. This might mean being trusted with a vital position at an organization (like work or school), something only you can do, or something worthwhile with a lot of responsibility. There is also a premonition that this will lead to something big but unachievable on your own. Nevertheless, it looks like you’ll miss your chance if you don’t set a goal that will lead to action. It’s important to clarify and work toward your goals for both work and your private life. Also, while a time may come when both traditional ways of doing things and things you took for granted will change, try relying on others without shouldering burdens alone. You’ll likely receive even better information and support.
Up to 2020, while your momentum increased, expanded, and developed, you still might have worked harder than necessary due to valuing and longing for the material. The year 2021 is when you’ll realize there was a theme related both to why you tried hard up to now and what is essential for you—the goal of your coming activities will become clear. Some people succeed by steadily continuing an effort over the long-term, and others cause something to happen after examining it from a new perspective. In any case, this year will be when you get the position that you always dreamed of and make a breakthrough that will give you a boost. At the same time, there will be times when you’ll be released from the limitations of relationships and valuing the material both. Then you will find a new way to be socially active. The star of innovation (Uranus) above you will likely boost you impulsively toward a truth that must change.



An airy energy—A journey that aims for high ideals, going farther than ever.

For you, 2021 will be the year your luck will suddenly gain traction, increase, expand, and then continue to improve. It will be a good opportunity for you to grow your expertise and cultivate your potential. There is also a hint that affairs related to research and learning will trend toward developing into good fortune. Highly specialized education will be a strong aid when necessary in your life and for your future goals. This year will be when your opportunities related to religion, philosophy, and affairs related to journeys and far-away places (like foreign countries) will grow. Even if you don’t actually go overseas, your lucky actions are related to experiences over SNS, the internet, and language learning. In the future, you are certain to use the sensibilities you develop from being exposed to foreign information, cultures, and many other things based on your experiences. You’ll also have opportunities in advertising and publications.
Up to 2020, amidst limited relationships with close friends, you may have had plenty of time to meaningfully and deeply delve deeper into a certain something and give it your attention. It’s also possible that much of it might have been fated or roles you could not choose yourself. The year 2021 is when you will gradually be released from such constraints and be free. The star of transformation (Pluto) will continue its long stay in your house of inheritance for a little while longer. It seems like you will stay in a role that you must take on. You’ll feel doubts about both things you receive from others and affairs decided by other’s opinions. Still, you will likely find a means to create a life for yourself. You’ll honestly express your true self and likely make active and consistent progress. Plunging into a mysterious world with elevated spirituality will bring you good luck. Try to lighten your mood and create your ideal future.



Become great at accepting—this year, you’ll obtain wealth.

For you, 2021 will be the year you focus on the domain of legacies. It will likely be a year when you can put others’ trust, money, and efforts to good use. It will also be a time when business successions and financial negotiations will go smoothly. On the other hand, there is a hint that problems will also arise related to care for a parent, inheriting assets, or insurance. However, you might want to take this opportunity to investigate this certain issue more thoroughly and deeply. Then make time to give it your attention. It will be easier for you to experience mysterious events rather than things that are superficial and specific, and you’ll likely be able to exercise power from an immaterial, potent place tied to work and private connections. Nevertheless, there are also signs that fatigue will build up more easily, and you’ll endure it as much as you can. Try to live with conscious care. You might want to start studying subjects relating to exploring your mind's depths and taking lessons or work related to the psychological. There is a hint of you deepening a personal connection with someone.
A theme of 2020 was the domain of relationships and business partnerships. While you may have had happy encounters, you might still have experienced many events where, kind-hearted, you were swayed by others and were left exhausted. The year 2021 is when you’ll likely be able to sort out these relationships and form a deep bond with someone important to you. Try to enjoy wealth—treasure that which comes from deep personal connection and relationships and a certain world. The star of transformation (Pluto) will continue its long stay in the house of relationships and business partnerships for a little while longer. While there are signs that hesitation and conflict will remain, by having an unswerving and strong spirit, you’ll gain something substantive that your heart sought after and be able to move to the next stage.



This year you’ll receive luck from others—Value feelings.

For you, 2021 will be the year you focus on the domain of relationships and business partnerships. It will be a year when affairs, exchanges, and contracts that you advance collaboratively work to our advantage. It might be a good time to cultivate completely new business partners and the like. There is also a hint that a miraculous encounter with someone you will need will happen. There will also be time to re-examine your personal connections with your business partners to rebuild good relationships, and by tackling this head-on, you’ll resolve the anxiety within you and become able to do what you want to do. There is also a hint that some kind of a collaborator will appear, and events will go smoothly.
Up to 2020, your focus was on the domain of your livelihood and routine, and you may have spent your days pursuing tasks that needed to be done or your daily work, chores, taking care of a child, and the like. It’s also possible that while you found efficient ways to improve them that had borne plenty of fruit; at the same time, you may have been in a place where you were unable to skillfully demonstrate your passionate creativity with your intrinsic freedom. You might have also found opportunities to re-examine and improve your daily customs. The year 2021 is when you can go beyond previous beliefs and boundaries regarding your relations with others and build relationships of trust. You might want to focus on doing what you want while treasuring interpersonal connections. The star of transformation (Pluto) will continue its long stay in the house of lifestyles and routines for a little while longer. There are signs that a sense of obligation and responsibility will remain. Try not to forget your free playfulness with your intrinsic sensitivity. Also, you’ll likely be able to build good cooperative relationships personally and professionally if you don’t push your values unto others and respect the opinions and feelings of others.



A holistic year when you change your routine and change your life.

For you, 2021 will be the year you improve your routine to change your lifestyle. Things associated with health and beauty will be trends for you. Self-resiliency will also heighten. You’ll encounter cosmetics and supplements, health management methods, and the like that are suitable for you. You can expect these to have positive effects. There is a sense that your improvements to your body will also lead to mental improvements, and you’ll be reborn into a completely new you. It’s also likely that you’ll receive unexpected resonance and sympathy by also sharing your stories of success and failure. You might want to pay attention to your daily routine that you took for granted until now while paying attention to improving your daily life and physical condition. At the same time, it’s also likely that topics related to responsibilities and obligations will be themes for you. There are signs that you’ll be busy pursuing your daily tasks, but there will be times when your work conditions, commute, and the like will be advantageous, so it might be good to use this chance to negotiate to improve them.
The year 2020 had good astrological alignments for Virgos, and it might have been a year bearing much fruit, in which good conditions came to you because you maintained your momentum while adapting to change. While your efforts had borne fruit, the star of dreams and fantasies (Neptune) stimulated your house of relationships and business partnerships for a time, and it’s possible that the ambiguity of relationships seeded stress and worry. Neptune will still cause you hesitation in 2021; however, because work procedures and daily lifestyles are trending towards further streamlining and moving online, it’s likely that the way that you interact with others will change, and you’ll steadily become free of burdens. Try to aim for a balanced, high-quality lifestyle and improve your run of luck.



A year overflowing with love—Creativity and artistic talent will blossom.

For you, 2021 will be the year you focus on the domain of inspiration and creativity: it will overflow with love. It will likely be a year in which you’ll be able to concentrate and attract joy and entertainment. You might feel conscious of romance and marriage, and there may be developments related to a person’s feelings that were unclear. You can expect wonderful news related to children. It will be a time when expressiveness will heighten, and tailwinds will blow supporting art and performance activities and the like. There will also be further advancements regarding areas you want to develop further. Conversely, try to maintain a balance because it’s likely that you might have failures from recklessness due to overconfidence. If you give in to indecisiveness, you’ll miss your chances. This year will be when you can find more consistent answers than usual, so try to act with confidence and ride a wave of good fortune.
The year 2020 focused on the domain of home and belonging. There might also have been real problems concerning these that surfaced. Many issues that were overcome with rational and realistic decisions will trend toward resolution and change to trend toward the positive. It looks like 2021 will bear the fruit of the time and effort you spent on those issues, and you’ll reap the rewards. However, the star of transformation (Pluto) will continue its long stay in the house related to home and belonging for a little while longer. There are signs that positions and issues will remain. Try to set aside stubborn self-assertiveness and self-indulgence and to create harmony. Your lucky actions are thinking about the nature of the love and beauty you seek and committing to the things you want to do and love. Efforts to refine and cultivate the banner of your individuality are also good. There might also be some opportunity for a dormant talent to awaken.



Search for belonging and your roots—This year will strengthen your spiritual foundation.

For you, 2021 will be the year you focus on the domain of belonging and your roots—it will be the year you’ll build a foundation. There may be an unexpected change in your environment, but try to go back to basics, reflect on yourself, and strengthen your spiritual foundation. You may also experience something related to your roots that makes your values up to now change completely. It will be a time when you make adjustments to rework the areas in which you are overextending yourself. Laying down roots in one truly essential location and responsibly interacting with it will lead you into tomorrow.
Up to 2020, the domain of education and communication were themes for you. Having aimed for perfection tenaciously, you may have had many experiences where you began learning something for fun but felt inferior compared to others and suffered through feelings of hardship. The year 2021 is when this will be rewarded; something that you worked towards diligently without giving up will become fun and developmental in a tangible form. Having acquired knowledge and efficient ways of improving your skills using a wide range of methods through trial and error, you may have happy news that shows the results of the last three years. It’s possible that it may have been easy for you to change your relationships these past few years under the influence of the star of innovation (Uranus), continuing its long stay in your house of relationships and business partnerships. While there may be events that stimulate your independence, such as being able to cut or re-establish old bonds, refrain from overbearing claims and posturing and endeavor to remain accommodating. The star of innovation (Uranus) will continue its stay, and there are signs that it will foster independence and innovation, but try to understand that these will be necessary changes that will lead to the future you aim for and adapt to new situations.



Deepen your inner-self by learning—Input will lead to output.

For you, 2021 will be the year you’ll be stimulated and focus on the domain of education and communication. Alive with inquisitiveness and very studious, you will have magnificent plans for learning, and there will also be a trend of something that you casually started learning then developing into a good turn of events. Try to go collect information to act flexibly regarding things that fall into place to experience them without obsessing over them. There is a hint that doing so will lead to new work and new learning. You can experience and gain much from communication with others—it will be a period when it will be easier for you to collect beneficial information. There is also a hint that doing so will lead to good fortune financially. It’s also suitable for you to deepen your basic education and get a step ahead. It appears that you’ll be able to gain a wider knowledge base and learn about how to improve your skills. Those involved in business operations, planning work, and advertising activities and the like will have the wind at their backs, and they can expect to have many opportunities to spread information themselves, especially through social media, blogs, and the like.
Up to 2020, your money and self-worth domain was a theme for you. You may have had many opportunities to think upon material wealth. It’s possible that a lot of it came your way, but much might have pulled away, leaving you thinking that you couldn’t use your talents or qualities. The year 2021 is when your perspective regarding these issues will broaden, and you’ll discover better methods and possibilities. If you smoothly adapt to IT and digitization trends, you might find a clue to your solution. The will likely be helpful and reassuring tools related to this year’s themes (study and communication) and to the transmission of information as well.



This year you will reaffirm your self-worth and cultivate a deep sensitivity.

For you, 2021 will be the year you nurture and expand your assets. There is a hint of you focusing on the domain of money and self-worth and then experiencing good financial fortune that arises from a side business (such as something you started as a hobby leading to work). Because an effect that expands your senses will also be at work, your lucky actions are exposing yourself to (and experiencing) places that heighten your senses and sensitivity, such as art museums and musical performances and tasty restaurants. Try to visit them to heighten your inspiration. In contrast, there is also a danger of negatives, such as debt and loans increasing. If you have such worries, you might want to try strictly managing your finances to turn things around.
Up to 2020, things related to the self were your themes. You might have come to see things that should be done clearly, and focused your days pushing them forward. Much was grueling and painful that you probably overcame with your inherent patience and inner strength. The year 2021 is when the winds will gently bring your battle-ready feeling down. Encountering places and things that make you comfortable and raising your self-worth will bring you good luck. The star of transformation (Pluto) will continue its long stay in the house of self for a little while longer, so there are signs that issues and strain related to what you need to do will remain. However, learn to have a generous attitude and good judgment. The trend of your having diligent, continued education leading to assured income will continue during this period. You need to be wary of being overly luxurious, such as investments beyond your capabilities. This is also a time for you to be firmly economical, so try to live strategically with sufficient judgment and rely on your intuition.



Become a major player of the time—Your time will begin with you being yourself.

For you, the year 2021 will be a memorable, lucky year that only happens once every 12 years when the greatest star of luck (Jupiter) will be staying right next to your sign. While you might experience sudden changes in things and your environment, these are necessary trends for the future you want to make. Try to ride the wave of good fortune by moving forward with faith. Nevertheless, the star of hard work and patience (Saturn) will also enter Aquarius; you may idly wonder if things are fine as they are, and it’s also possible that something you had procrastinated on will suddenly change. Still, there is no need to be afraid. It will likely give you the opportunity to make a course correction necessary for the future that you want to make. Having followed traditional values and social norms for a long time, you might have a hard time being yourself. However, by gradually letting go of the things you have overdone up to now and feelings of doubt, your intrinsic brilliance will shine through. It will be a year when you’ll know it’s time to build up the future you want and strive toward it.
Until 2020, the domain of subconscious and unconscious mind were themes for you. Your head might have been full of the things you needed to do to resolve your anxiety and confusion about something immaterial, and you may have lived doing invisible community service. The year 2021 is when that ambiguity will likely become completely tangible, and your hesitation will fade. What you need to do will become apparent, and various things that you tried will take shape.



Toward leaps and breakthroughs—This year, you’ll get a hint of how to make the impossible possible.

For you, 2021 will be the year you’ll benefit from helping those around you and make a breakthrough this year. It’s a period of preparation for the good fortune to come in 2022. There might be an even like a milestone that wraps up something you had done up to now. Strive to live humbly. Try to engage with the spiritual; doing so might be tied to you healing yourself. However, due to the influence of the star of hard work and patience (Saturn), staying in your house of the subconscious and unconscious mind for a while, it might make you feel anxiety without cause and more sensitive pressure. Know that you are your own invisible enemy. By imagining your bright future and having a strong mind as you take action, you can make something of the opportunity coming to you.
The domain of friends and wishes was a theme in 2020. Your wishes regarding an assured future increased and your worries related to relations with a group you belong to, friends, and the future probably came into focus. There were also times when you felt despair. The star of transformation (Pluto) will continue its long stay in the house of friends and wishes for a little while longer. There are signs that conflict will remain, but by getting past them and putting them behind you in 2021, you’ll probably be able to make decisions and choices from a new perspective. There will be hardship from an unforeseen place—but your lucky actions are throwing a lifeline to someone in trouble and supporting them. It’s a time to reflect on your life and to clear up things that you bore responsibility for and your hesitation to get ready for the coming lucky year.