The "elafonisi" series, inspired by the magical Greek sea, is a mysterious collection of trilliant-cut tanzanites. The "eden" series, which symbolizes bountiful fruits, features a beautiful lineup of colorful gemstones. The jewelry collection offers the beauty of natural stones in their purest form.

"elafonisi" The lucid emerald green ocean and the dream-like pink sandy shore.
The iconic "elafonisi" collection from ARTIDA OUD

This ring features two trilliant-cut tanzanite stones in the shape of a rhombus. The ring is surrounded by a beautifully sparkling melee diamond, creating an unprecedented design.

The left side of the design features a purplish tanzanite like the sky at sunset, while the right side features a greenish tanzanite with a mysterious color like the shores of a lake.
[elafonisi] tanzanite rhombus pave diamond ring 35,200yen (with tax)/[elafonisi] tanzanite(green) rhombus pave diamond ring 37,400yen (with tax)

On the left is a bi-color tourmaline ring with beautiful gradations created by nature and surrounded by pavé diamonds. The wavy arm fits the "gaia" series wave ring introduced next, so it is recommended to stack them together. On the right is a tanzanite ring in a mysterious shade of green and blue. It is a delicate size, so it is great to stack it with many other colored stones.
[elafonisi] bi-color tourmaline pave diamond wave ring 29,700yen (with tax)/[elafonisi] tanzanite(green) pave diamond ring 28,600yen (with tax)

A full eternity ring with brown diamonds lavishly paved all the way around is also available. This ring has a wavy shape like the flow of a meandering river and a V-line design reminiscent of the geometric patterns that decorate the temples of Jaipur. We hope you will find the combination of these rings to your liking as they are recommended for layering.
[gaia] wave full eternity diamond ring 35,200yen (with tax)/[gaia] V pave diamond ring 35,200yen (with tax)

“eden” The abundant fruits and the profusely blooming flowers. The paradise allures all living things.

Emeralds sparkle in a deep, rich green, yellow sapphires emit a warm glow, and white diamonds shimmer like stars in the sky. The round-cut grains are lined up and accented with curves to create this ring. Worn alone, the curves make the finger look long and beautiful. We also recommend that you wear it stacked like the model.

[eden] K10 emerald curved bezel half eternity ring 51,700yen (with tax)/[eden] K10 yellow sapphire curved bezel half eternity ring 49,500yen (with tax)/[eden] K10 diamond curved bezel half eternity ring 55,000yen (with tax)

Natural stones in a variety of colors: orange, blue, and pink. Each stone has been cut to fit its own unique style, and is now available as a stud earring.

Sunstone shines like warm sunshine.
Turquoise with its bright sky blue color.
The pure blue of kyanite is unmixed.
Pink spinel with its beautiful pink color is impressive.

These colorful gemstones are full of color and shine brightly, bringing brightness to your face. Since it is sold as a single piece, we recommend that you enjoy the asymmetrical colors on the left and right sides.

[eden] K10 pear shaped kyanite bezel stud single pierced earring 22,000yen (with tax)/[eden] K10 round sunstone bezel stud single pierced earring 22,000yen (with tax)/[eden] K10 round turquoise bezel stud single pierced earring 14,300yen (with tax)

[eden] K10 oval pink spinel bezel stud single pierced earring 22,000yen (with tax)/[eden] K10 marquise kyanite bezel stud single pierced earring 22,000yen (with tax)

From the "ancient" series, which glitters like ancient treasures, comes a ring with tanzanite and apatite in a V-line silhouette reminiscent of the geometric patterns that adorn temples in Jaipur.

[ancient] V tanzanite ring 13,200yen (with tax)/[ancient] V apatite ring 13,200yen (with tax)

Ear cuffs with colored gemstones similar to the new "ancient" series above. The design is a modern bar decorated with brown diamonds and colored gemstones. The ear cuff has a strong presence by itself, but it can also be layered with bullion or pave diamond earrings or pendants.
[elafonisi] trilliant tanzanite(green) pave diamond cuff 19,800yen (with tax)

[elafonisi] trilliant apatite pave diamond cuff 19,800yen (with tax)

Please enjoy the beautiful spring styling with colorful and sparkling jewelry.

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