YOU / Actor・Talent


YOU / Actor・Talent


Guest – YOU

YOU / Actor・Talent

What kind of scenery do you see and what is it that moves you?
As days go by, and through the time spent with the people you meet, your own world will begin to take shape.

It seems that it overlaps with the individuality of ARTIDA OUD stones.
Gemstones born from within the earth, and contain air, water, and rainbows in the process of growing, and none have the same expression. Bubbles that add to the beauty as it emits a shine that is unique.

The individuality of YOU, who is known for always being lovely. Anyone who meets her falls in love with her. Where does that pure charm come from?

What you see is not everything

“It’s all about experience. Music, fashion, the people you work with, how you see things, and how you spend your time molds you into who you are.”


She became a model at the age of 18, and has since been an active celebrity as an actress, a band member, a talent and essayist.


“I think that TV, the stage, the band, the staff, the people I meet on the street have all shaped me into who I am. There are a lot of people around you, but you can’t really get to know them without sharing actual experiences with them, like the feeling of joy or pain. I’ve lived for nearly 60 years and have seen thousands of moments, and out of those, I take the lessons and never forget.”


What you see is not everything. Senses sharpen with age it seems.


"I continuously get rid of things I don't need. When people are young, they don’t know, so many may waste time or energy on things, and I was able to see that while catching only the good parts for myself through training. There are lots of things you can do better as you get older. "


People around her often draw attention to her unadorned, natural appearance.


"I think I'm doing well. What everyone sees is me at work. Actually, I don’t have the opportunity to let my guard down very often, even in my private life but when I'm at work, I trust the people around me completely. It's true that when invited to do something, I do it to the best of my ability. In that sense, I’m at my purest when I'm working, so you might say that I'm "me” when I’m working." And I think it's okay to be kind to everyone. There are not a lot of times when you have to open your heart, so I think it's fine. A place that communicates who you are, not a lot of places like that right?"


It takes courage to expose the pure and soft part of your heart.


"Showing off my bookshelf is more of an embarrassment than anything. I used to read novels. The only thing I didn’t like was fantasy. I have never been the type to believe in dreams. You believe in it, and if something happens, you’re shocked.. When you go outside is when you see reality.  Very rarely can you be out and about without being prepared, and in those cases, makeup, jewelry or a bag, etc. will help you. The moment I put something on, “maybe green today?”, it changes by the day and how I feel. And I feel like it protects my heart.

I'm an entertainer, and when I'm in Japan, I'm grateful that everyone is so kind to me. That's why I sometimes go on trips overseas to where I am treated like anyone else because no one knows me, and I always think, “This is how it's supposed to be.” (Laughs). I'm just a human being, and that feeling excites me because I get spoiled when I'm in Japan, so I take trips to remind me not to forget that."


You don't use SNS at all. What kind of private life do you have?


“It’s normal, recently I’ve been learning pottery and drawing. I made my child’s lunch for 15 years and never put anything up on SNS, because I don’t have the urge to share it with people, I will probably never use it, or probably can’t. I’m not the type to say “hey look at me”. I always feel embarrassed to say I've drawn a picture and post it. I’m just a shy girl.

Beauty is a sense of presence

The theme of ARTIDA OUD is “raw beauty”. What is “beauty” for YOU?


“I think that the presence of people and things makes sense. I feel beautiful when I am overwhelmed by the presence of a painting or architecture rather than being well-organized. Each person is attracted to someone who has a presence that they like, and buys or wears clothes that have a presence that they like. I don't think anything when I see mass-produced, uniform clothes, but want to be someone who feels something. I want to be that kind of person, and I want to think that way."


Even if it's not perfect, I'm attracted to a presence that gives off something certain - I thought about ARTIDA OUD’s distorted and beautiful colored stones and baroque pearls.


"Sometimes you meet someone who is a bit strange, but then you notice they have really pretty eyes and it excites you a bit right? Those kinds of things that move me make me happy. Whether it's things or people, there are bound to be encounters beyond that. There will always be those who you don’t get along with, but the experience, good or bad, is what I am excited about.”

An encounter with jewelry that sparkles is also a moment that moves you. What is your favorite ARTIDA OUD piece?


“There are a lot of cute pieces. I tend to want something with gold and green stone but I also like white, red, black, purple, and green, so I’m happy to see so many colorful stones in the lineup.”


Silence until dawn, multicolored glitter floating in the darkness――

Jewelry for the holiday season, baroque pearls with lovely distorted colors and the “elafonisi” collection, which is inspired by the pink beach and emerald green sea, with a faint shine.

New possibilities and fun are born through trust

“My job is to have people look at me, so if someone says, ‘You look natural,’ I say, ‘That’s right’, or if someone says, ‘You look good in white’, I just say ‘Thank you.’ If I make a decision on a color, it diminishes the fun of choosing. I keep an open mind and want to enjoy my clothes and jewelry in any situation. I want everyone to feel what they want to feel."


New possibilities and fun can be experienced by entrusting to someone. After all, I want to be excited.


“People decide who I am. Looking back, many of the awkward clothes I used to wear when I was young were chosen by me. When people have an opinion about you and say, “this is you”, they are right in most cases. And you are stuck with your individuality until you die. I don’t like to make decisions in a hurry.  People should experience as many things as they can, and try everything they want to try in life. I want all people to feel a sense of excitement and thrill."


Finally, about the future


"I'm not particularly interested in top, bottom, or sideways as a goal. I've never had a goal in the first place. I want to expand my field of view, but I feel like I’m progressing forward while keeping my eyes open at the same time. I think it's amazing that I've been thinking about this since I was young. I think that each individual lives their life at their own comfortable pace, and I think it's most comfortable for me to be able to live like that. You can meet friends, have a drink, go on a trip...the amount of work you do will decrease as you get older, so just accept it naturally.

Saying that, she smiles.


“At Christmas, we have a party at home with friends and family. Adults bring gifts with a budget of 10,000 yen and exchange gifts to the tune of Mariah Carey. I write wishes for the star festival and winter festival every year for the last few years, and just hope everyone is in good health.


May your holiday be colorful and sparkling. Pray to the dazzling stars.


YOU Actor/Talent

Born on August 29th in Tokyo. After working as a model and as a music with Pando and FAIRCHILD, she became an actor and talent.  She is popular for her easy-going way of speaking and sharp observation. As an actress, she is also active in dramas, movies, and stage performances.